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Our licensed archaeologist has over 20 years' experience in excavations.

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Yvonne Whitty Archaeology

Yvonne Whitty Archaeology provides archaeological consultancy services, desk based assessments and excavations to public and private sector clients throughout Ireland.

Yvonne Whitty is a licensed consultant archaeologist with over 20 years' experience and has worked on over 100 archaeological excavations covering single houses, housing developments, primary care centres and water schemes all over the country. Yvonne is a committee member of Preban Graveyard Archaeological Project. This voluntary group have cleaned up a medieval church site at Preban and have recorded the history and archaeology of the site. A two-part documentary and exhibition were held during Heritage Week 2015 at Tinahely Courthouse. At present the group are working on producing a graveyard panel and booklet to highlight the treasure trove of headstones and archaeological artefacts that lay buried for so many years.

Desk Based Assessments


A desk based assessment is used to assess the archaeological potential of a site without requiring any fieldwork. The desk based assessment examines the archaeology of a site, typically in response to planning applications, and produces a model of the possible impact of the development.

Developments such as aggregates and mineral extraction, flood relief schemes, housing and commercial developments, pipelines, power generation, road schemes, and transmission networks all have the potential to impact on cultural heritage, including archaeological sites, cultural landscapes and structures of architectural significance. Archaeological sites and heritage structures are protected by law, and individuals need to ensure they act legally when encountering these constraints.

A desk-based assessment involves the analysis, interpretation and compilation of information from:



  • A site inspection to assess site conditions and constraints

  • Aerial photographs

  • Geotechnical investigations

  • Historic and recent maps

  • Historic information

  • Local and national archaeological databases

  • Published accounts on the archaeology, history and geology of the study area

  • Unpublished reports on previous archaeological investigations

The information gathered through a desk based assessment is then presented as a report to the client.

We offer expert and professional consultancy services

Archaeological Consultancy


We provide archaeological consultancy services throughout Ireland by offering advice on archaeology, cultural heritage, during the planning and development stages of your project. Our consultants help clients with archaeological assessment reports, carrying out excavations, while also offering professional and expert knowledge. Our consultancy services assist private and public sector clients with planning requirements that fully comply with heritage legislation for both small and large-scale developments.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Advice on archaeology, cultural heritage and the environment

  • Excavations

  • Producing archaeological assessment reports


An archaeological excavation is carried out as a last resort when any archaeological remains are discovered as it preferable to leave them in situ. Unfortunately, many sites cannot be preserved due to design issues and full archaeological digs remain the only option by which we can preserve a record of the site. Any excavation site in Ireland must be carried out by professional archaeologists working under licence from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

If an excavation site is a requirement in your project, get in touch with us. We have been carrying out excavations in Ireland for over 20 years' and can advise on the best solution for you and your budget.

Community Archaeology Service

I have been working in heritage for the past 23 years and am a Licenced archaeologist since 2005. I have a sound knowledge of heritage legislation which will enable me to provide advice to Wicklow County Council and local heritage groups.
The Wicklow Community Archaeology Service will provide professional archaeological services to existing and new groups and will help stimulate the development of community initiatives such as heritage trials and the management and conservation of archaeological monuments in public ownership by local communities.

Role of Community Archaeologist

In collaboration with the Heritage Officer, Deirdre Burns I will work with existing networks and groups to support community based archaeological projects, encouraging a conservation plan led approach. This partnership approach will make a lasting impact and give heritage the spotlight it deserves.

Given my varied experience over the years I will be able to connect communities with the appropriate specialists who are experts in their field, be it surveying, conservation, ecology etc. As a licenced archaeologist I can hold the necessary licences and permissions to oversee conservation works to monuments. There are many funds available through the Heritage Council and the Community Monuments Fund and I will be able to advise and help groups with funding applications and assist in project delivery if applications are successful.

Examples of Projects I have been involved in:

  • Medieval Arklow- lead archaeologist, preparing a conservation plan for Arklow Castle.
  • The Story of Preban Graveyard- podcast, video, booklet, graveyard panel.
  • West Wicklow Historical Graveyards- conservation plans of three graveyards; Whitefield, Mullinacuff and Ballymaghroe.
  • Kilbride Graveyard- recording of headstones, working with local historian to document the history of the site.
  • Castlekevin in conjunction with Roundwood and District Historical Society- preparing a heritage week event, conservation plan and collaboration with a team of specialists to complete an archaeological survey of the site.

Get in touch

If you are a community group that have a project in mind, are involved in a local graveyard committee, or have an archaeological monument in your community and would like advice and guidance on how to best understand and protect this monument, please contact me and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Whitefield Graveyard, Tinahely

Whitefield Graveyard, Tinahely

Please drop me a line on yvonnewhitty@gmail.com or call me on (087) 2111153 for any further information.

The Wicklow Community Archaeology Project is funded by The Heritage Council and Wicklow County Council through the County Heritage Plan fund 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a desk based assessment for my project?

    A desk based assessment is used to assess the archaeological potential of a site without requiring any fieldwork. Archaeological sites and heritage sites are protected by law and every project must adhere to legal practices in place. We gather the necessary information together for our clients and present our findings by way of a report.

  • We have discovered archaeological remains of importance on our project site. Can you carry out the necessary excavations?

    Our team work under licence from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. As professional archaeologists, we possess the expertise and necessary knowledge to perform excavations on your project site. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Yvonne Whitty Archaeology